Kieran is your every day psychopathic gamer with pyromaniacal
tendencies. He plays mainly PC games, but dabbles a bit in some
console titles. He supposedly attends tafe full time, and gets
all of his money by either stealing it off Az or selling candy
to small children. He doesn't care much for other people, but is
always willing to help where violence or fire is needed.

His first appearance is, funnily enough, in the
first comic The new place.


   Az is a quiet thoughtfull type person in the same way that
serial murderers are quiet and thoughtfull untill they snap
and start killing everyone with a sock. Fortunately for the
world Az is too lazy to start a killing spree, and just settles
for screwing with people are the airport where he works as
security (random cavity search anyone?).

Though he is in the first comic, Az doesn't get
any lines untill Don't pull the finger.


   Gavin is one of the few friends that isn't on Kieran's list of
people to horribly slaughter. He works as a mechanic and plays the
drums in his band Future Forgotten. His drum kit is on Kieran's list.

Gavin is seen first in The new place.


   Helen is Gavin's ex-girlfriend, and a friend of Kieran's through
another friend. Gavin recently asked Kieran to burn down Helen's
house in revenge for her cheating on him. Whether Helen really did
cheat on Gavin or was simply a bit slow in breaking up with him is

Though spoken of in several comics, Helen does
not actually appear untill Fire solves everything.


   Adrian is a friend of both Kieran and Gavin. He attends university
and is a casual gamer who likes to go out drinking. He is known for
his fascination with farts and female breasts and his love of swords
(though he would never used them for fear of getting them dirty). He
is on Kieran's list multiple times, often in bold lettering with lots
of underlines.

Adrian first appears in Don't pull the finger.


   Teri originally met Kieran through her boyfriend, but now has the
honour of being one of the people Kieran considers the least useless.
When the call is heard (on the phone) Teri, puts on her costume and
becomes Papercut - a paper dart flinging, cold blooded killer, and ally
of Boxman.

We see Teri first in Let the fun begin.


   Lynette is a close friend of Helen's and as such the two are often
seen together. When she isn't working or clubbing, Lynette is fighting
crime as The Pink Avenger along with her side kick Yellow Vengeance.
She fights with a scarf that she whips with suprising strength, which
criminals have learnt to avoid if they can.

Lynette appears first in Shadow monster.